The Internet Public Library IPL.

Offers a starting point for anyone doing research on Internet. Main collections include reference, exhibits, magazines and serials, newspapers, online texts, web searching, and extensive teen and youth collections. Reference covers all academic disciplines with an extensive tutorial on research process. "An excellent jumping off point for anyone doing research on the Internet, the main 'Collections' include: 'Reference,' 'Exhibits,' 'Especially for Librarians,' 'Magazines and Serials,' "Newspapers,' 'Online Texts,' and 'Web Searching' as well as extensive 'Teen' and 'Youth' collections. 'Reference' covers all academic disciplines and there is an extensive tutorial on the research process itself. The 'Online Literary Criticism Collection' part of the 'Ready Reference Collection' as well as the 'Magazines and Serials' and 'Newspapers' are especially noteworthy."--Reviewed Feb. 26, 1999. "Best Free Reference Web Sites 1999," RUSA Quarterly, Fall 1999. Comp by the MARS Best Free Websites Committee, RUSA, ALA.